One of my favorite places here on Long Island is called Pirates Cove. It is nestled along the North Shore in a quaint little town called Port Jefferson. The site is actually the result of a dredging project by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1920’s.

The site is quite beautiful but requires quite the hike to enjoy its full beauty. Here is a picture from a recent trip I took with a friend.

Oh on to seizing the moment.

A few years ago I shot the sunset there. It was a beautiful late summer sunset with intense colors. Once I had all the shots I wanted to get I made the long(ish) trek back to the car. I turned around to get once lance glimpse of the fading sunset when I noticed a group of young people racing to catch the last glimmers of the sunset. The sense I got was they were giddy with anticipation – they had been transported back to being young children again. Here is the shot I took of them.

Pirates Cove

For me this is once reason I love landscape photography. Each time I am transported back to my youth – full of wonder and awe. I think we could all use that in our lives on a very regular basis.

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