Visiting Fire Island Lighthouse

Yesterday a friend and I visited the historic Fire Island Lighthouse. It is about an hour drive from where I live. If you haven’t made a trip to the Lighthouse it is a must. Here are a few tips if you plan a visit.

  1. The best parking spot is field 5, which is the last parking lot before the Lighthouse. Park at the far left end.
  2. Take the wooden hiking path that leads to the Lighthouse. It is about a 20 minute walk. When we wet there was a barricade due to COVID but they are easy to bypass and most were wearing masks.
  3. Make your way past the Lighthouse to get the best photos (if you are there at sunset). You’ll see what I mean below from my pictures.
  4. Be on the lookout for deer but please do not feed them. They are very friendly but always remember they are still wild animals.
  5. Take your time and explore. There is lots to find if you are curious enough.

Here are a few of the best images. Enjoy.

Black and white image showing some of the natural surroundings
Just before you reach the lighthouse. I took this angle with the purpose of shoeing the reflection in the water.
See the lighthouse on the right
Lighthouse on the left and bridge on the right.
This is the view from the east side with the sun setting in the west.
My favorite image. This was at the “last light” as I call it. The colors are often most intense at this point.

Pirates Cove

Seizing the Moment at Pirates Cove

One of my favorite places here on Long Island is called Pirates Cove. It is nestled along the North Shore in a quaint little town called Port Jefferson. The site is actually the result of a dredging project by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1920’s.

The site is quite beautiful but requires quite the hike to enjoy its full beauty. Here is a picture from a recent trip I took with a friend.

Oh on to seizing the moment.

A few years ago I shot the sunset there. It was a beautiful late summer sunset with intense colors. Once I had all the shots I wanted to get I made the long(ish) trek back to the car. I turned around to get once lance glimpse of the fading sunset when I noticed a group of young people racing to catch the last glimmers of the sunset. The sense I got was they were giddy with anticipation – they had been transported back to being young children again. Here is the shot I took of them.

Pirates Cove

For me this is once reason I love landscape photography. Each time I am transported back to my youth – full of wonder and awe. I think we could all use that in our lives on a very regular basis.

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